Top Trending FileSynced Codes for Firestick and Android TV Box

For the last several years, we’ve come across different OTT platforms to watch movies and TV shows. This content isn’t accessible without subscriptions to the apps. Hence, people look for various MOD APK to download or watch the premium content for free. 

Each time, you reset your device like; PC, Android TV Box, Firestick or Android Phone, you lose all the data contained in it. So, people want to install or save the data, where they can access their and others’ public data as well.

FileSynced is the application that provides you the features to create and store all the beneficial applications through a code. This code is known as FileSynced code, and you can install the APKs by entering this in FileSynced APK. 

What is FileSynced Code?

FileSynced is an APK or a service that allows you to create libraries and store the apps in them. Most people collect the apps from the internet and archive them on their devices. But, when they reset the device, the apps won’t be accessible later. 

So, FileSynced helps users to download and store those applications safely. Anyone can access those libraries if they’re public or private via FileSynced code. FileSynced code is the 8-digit number used to access or create those libraries.  

Features of FileSynced 

>> Excellent UI: FileSynced provides you with a seamless streaming user experience.

>> Multiple Genres: You can find an excellent catalog of movies, anime, and TV shows.

>> Free to use: FileSynced is free to use, and it requires no registration to use the app.

>> Secret Code: It allows sharing a secret code that other users can access publicly or privately.

>> Access with a VPN: FileSynced recommends you use a VPN for an unbreakable connection and high-quality content.

How to use FileSynced Code?

After installing the FileSynced APK on the streaming device, you can download the other MOD APKs with the secret codes. When you enter the secret code, several apps will appear on the screen. 

These apps aren’t available on the Google Play Store or Amazon Play Store.

Some of the popular secret codes are:

Streaming Apps: 10000017

Dream Locator: 10000042

DaBs Kodi Forks: 20212021 

Tivimate: 10000008